Alternative dispute resolution, arbitration and mediation

Arbitration is a method of private and legal settlement of disputes and conflicts, agreed between the parties. When several parties are in conflict, they may choose, instead of going to the state courts, to resolve their difficulties by appointing one or more legally or technically qualified experts as arbitrator(s). They grant them the same powers as a public court, in accordance with the provisions of the Judicial Code. Arbitration allows private persons and companies to provide a quick and efficient solution to disputes within their relationships. They remove the settlement of their disputes from traditional judges and submit their disputes to arbitrators who have better experience of the matters in dispute than judicial magistrates either by including it in their contractual relations or by agreeing to arbitration at the time the dispute arises. In contrast to the procedures practised in ordinary courts and tribunals, arbitration is not public. Debates and decisions are held behind closed doors. This has the advantage that the arbitrators often receive a more complete, practical and realistic view of the dispute at hand. The parties jointly determine the time, place and language of the proceedings. Parties settle their disputes quickly and avoid lengthy proceedings by using arbitration. The Arbitration Chambers consist of one arbitrator (expert or lawyer) and one arbitrator and one legal clerk or three arbitrators (who are either technical experts or lawyers).

Areas of arbitration

Sale of companies
Bare ownership
Certification of shares

Shareholder relations
Shareholder agreements
Common law company
Internal company
Commercial company

Corporate restructuring
Merger (national or transnational)
Continuity of business

General commercial law
Distribution (franchise, agency, concession)
Contract law
Sale and purchase
Competition law
Merger or cartel


Estate planning

Civil partnership
Investment and wealth

Non-profit association
Entrepreneurial or not

Professional companies
(coming soon)

Liability of company directors
(coming soon)

Sports law
Commercial relations

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