Civil and commercial leases

Civil and commercial leases

Our lawyers are here to help you with :

  • drafting commercial or civil leases
  • rent review
  • any eviction problem
  • non-compliance with the obligations of both the lessor and the owner
  • etc ….

APMLAW provides you with its expert knowledge of commercial and civil lease law.

The law of civil leases

The civil lease or residential lease concerns the contractual relationship between the owner of a building (the lessor) and the tenant (the lessee) of a building for residential use.

The drafting of the lease contract, its interpretation and its renewal can be the subject of conflicts between the two parties:

Unpaid rents, work to be carried out by the landlord or the tenant, non-reimbursement of the security deposit: you can call on a lawyer to defend your rights.

The commercial lease

This lease concerns the rental of real estate to a company, a business or a craft business. It is governed by complex rules, which are widely interpreted by the courts to resolve disputes.

The drafting of commercial leases offers a great deal of freedom to commercial professionals. Our law firm can help you draft your commercial lease contract, to anticipate and advise you as best as possible. The commercial lease affects the obligations of the lessee and the lessor throughout the term of the lease.

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