Sports law

VDE LEGAL has acquired recognised expertise in sports law. Our lawyers regularly assist public authorities, sports federations and clubs, players’ agents and professional and amateur sportsmen and women, in the context of legal consultations or disputes relating to sports law.

Our areas of expertise

Our field of action in sports law extends to European law, international law, state aid, professional training, tax law (direct and indirect taxes), intellectual property rights (sportspersons’ image rights, audiovisual rights, internet), employment law, company law, association law (clubs, national or international federations), mergers and acquisitions (commercial companies or associations), infrastructure financing, insurance and liability, contract law and sponsorship.
Our clients are private or public law entities. Sportsmen, associations or commercial companies.

Useful links

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Public authorities website of the Belgian federal government site of the French Community site of the Walloon Region website of the Brussels-Capital Region website of the European Union website of the Flemish Region on doping

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